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 Signature Pictures
Posted by TheRealHartSlater - 08-13-17 19:13 - 4 comments
I had to take down my signature pictures because of some new rules on Photobucket, they weren't showing up anymore. Anyone have any suggestions and somewhere new I can upload my pictures to so I can add them to my signature?
thanks smilies-9276.png
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 Question about Zendall's son
Posted by nyycolea - 11-30-15 01:47 - 4 comments
What was their son's name and did he have hearing issues and he had surgery on his hearing issues too? I think I right but not for sure but my mom thinks different. Help please? Thanks!
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 Firefox/board issues
Posted by Jules - 08-24-15 20:23 - 9 comments
QUOTE (Katbert @ Aug 24 2015, 01:17 PM)
Does anyone else's page flip over so the left side is prominent and you have to space over to the right?  This has been happening to me for about a week now, both my work computer and at home.

Yes, if I'm using Firefox. If I'm on Google Chrome, I don't have that issue, but yes, and it is annoying.
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Posted by KathyNYC - 01-1-15 00:16 - 4 comments
I haven't been around here much but I just saw both Lish and Melissa Claire Egan posted today that Jo (Epnebelle) lost her fight with ovarian cancer and passed away. She was such a sweet girl and I remember her at so many events...with her good friend Christina.

Wishing her friends and family some peace with this sad news.

Wishing everyone here a happy & healthy year filled with the love of family and friends.

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 Looking for a few old fics
Posted by pandiesboxx - 07-11-14 12:21 - 1 comments
I hope this is the right place to put this. I'm an old lucky lurky poster from back in the day who's come back to the board after stumbling over some old clips on YouTube. giggles.gif giggles.gif Anyhoo, I'm looking for three old fics that I swear I remember used to be on this board. I'm hoping someone remembers them and can help me find them.

All are AU and I don't think any ever got finished. In the first one Greenlee never left PV as she never found out about Kendall using her own egg. Kendall and Zach went through with the divorce sadly (with no Divorce Island angry1.gif ) and she gave Greenlee the baby as planned (I think he was named Max). Zach then goes back to Las Vegas. Not too long later Greenlee dies. In her will she names Kendall as the baby's guardian, but Jack decides to fight her for custody.Kendall then goes back to Zach and asks him to marry her again so she can have a stronger case. Zach happily accepts their second marriage of convenience because he still loves her, and he also knows that Kendall is fighting for custody of her own baby.

The second fic had Zach and Kendall happily married and raising the baby(not named Spike) until tragedy strikes and the baby dies from SIDS. Kendall then descends into a deep depression and her and Zach become estranged. Some other angsty stuff happens that I'm kind of foggy on, but somehow Zach gets Kendall pregnant again. Then some more angsty stuff happens. LOL.

The third one I just have a vague memory of. Bianca dies (I think she got hit by a car) and Zach and Kendall are named joint caretakers of Miranda in her will. I think the whole surrogacy never happened, but Zendall still ended up divorced and Zach moved away. He come back to PV to help raise Miranda with Kendall. Despite Erica's best intentions to thwart it, Zach and Kendall fall back in love.
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 Comes the Night
Posted by molly - 06-11-14 12:35 - 0 comments
Hello everyone,

Several folks have asked about the fanfic Comes the Night. As many of you know, thanks in large part to your support and encouragement, Comes the Night is now a to-be-published in August full novel. It is second in the Out of Darkness Series, the first of which, Lie by Night, was published in March.

I've asked the publisher to allow me to repost the fanfic version--I told her it would be good marketing! In the full length novel, there are changes in back story and new twists and turns, so while you'll recognize key scenes, much has been changed or enhanced. Also, I've kept the hero's name, Zach, but changed the heroine to Lizzie in honor of the Elizabeths who helped me so much along the way. (Thanks again to the awesome Betsy and Liz.)

Anyway, I'll keep you posted. If she agrees, I'll likely repost chapter by chapter as I only have a hard copy of the original. The electronic version crashed with my computer. Now I'm a Carbonite girl! And, thank you so much to those of you who continue to be part of my writer's journey. I appreciate you all.

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 looking for story
Posted by lianca - 05-31-14 15:46 - 0 comments
Where Zach was in the coma instead of Kendall? Erica was by his side with opal believe the whole sperm donation didn't happen.
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 Fanfiction stories missing?
Posted by sexylibra01 - 02-16-14 14:26 - 2 comments
Does anybody know what happened to Jekyll/Liz?

Wondering because I'm just noticing her fics are gone.

If anybody know of a website she currently has her stories archived or if someone saved her stories plz let me know thanks I would really appreciate it.

Any other stories you remember about Zendall from other users that are not on the board anymore?
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 Twitter feeds
Posted by Lizzie Bennet - 06-18-13 16:37 - 4 comments
Is there a server issue or my computer? I haven't been able to view any Twitter feeds for days?
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 AMC: Technical/access issues
Posted by zks - 04-16-13 16:02 - 13 comments
QUOTE (Cindy T @ Apr 15 2013, 12:34 PM)
Here is the direct link to ITunes for the New clip with lots of TK in it!!!

I don't have I tunes. Can this be watched on Utube?
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 Live Discussion
Posted by Lizzie Bennet - 03-19-13 22:35 - 10 comments
I was just wondering if there will be a live discussion forum when nuAMC debuts and how it will work.

Has anyone thought about it? How will it work if so?
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 Access issues
Posted by Betsy - 03-15-13 16:27 - 1 comments
All board access issues have been fixed, and you should be able to use the link again. If you have any further problems accessing the board, please let us know.

You can contact us via our Twitter page, @zendallnet, or through the Zendallnet FB page.

Also, if you haven't already, you might want to bookmark the alternate board link,

Thanks for your patience yesterday while the board was down.
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 Free Tickets to Tribute to PV
Posted by Cindy T - 02-6-13 20:51 - 0 comments
My friend won two tickets to the Pine Valley Live in Valley Forge, PA on February 17th, that she needs to get rid of. If anyone here would like them please let me know ASAP. They are the $75.00 tickets.
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 Accessing the New AMC
Posted by TheRealHartSlater - 01-24-13 04:30 - 34 comments
Ok I don't follow her but someone posted her tweet on Facebook that Kassie Depaiva thinks the soaps will air on Hulu? Not sure how much she knows but if she's correct it means you can watch it on tv.

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 Sandy: How's everyone doing so far?
Posted by Betsy - 10-29-12 14:59 - 24 comments
How are all our east coast friends hanging in there so far with Hurricane Sandy heading your way? Please take care! Thinking of you all, grouphug.gif
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